Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Blackmarsh at Last!

We finally made it here. Picked up some Viz along the way, which was nice.  Ahh, to be in a city again.  I don't know why my brethren love nature so much…there is so much more to do in the city, so many more people to assassinate. 

To be able to purchase and sell magic is nice.  Every bit helps.  Our first foray into the dungeon proved a good test of how we can fare against the bigger threats of the world.  I was quite pleased with how the humans performmed.  My tutelage through shining example is obviously paying off.  

Well, off to plunder some more tombs.  I need more gold for spells.  More later, after I return victorious, with my retinue of humans in tow.




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