Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Delicious fingers!


This has been an interesting town to visit, so far. First troglodytes, then goblins.  Who would have thought that such a seemingly peaceful little village would yield so much excitement?  And loot! 

My companions are an odd bunch.  We have one creature, useful for opening doors and testing for traps, who throws himself into any combat headfirst, heedless of a plan, tactics, strategy, or risk of his own life and limb.  Since he seems to be willing to absorb the brunt of the blows thrown our way, that's fine with me.  There is also a mage and another fighter, who seem to have more combat sense, but less "flair" about engaging, shall we say.  :)  Still, to have another mage in the group is helpful, as he may help me complete my studies to become a mage as well.  Note to self:  get  to know the fighter better.  Another meatshield is always helpful to have around, especially since the reptile seems hell-bent on suicide by combat.

This town was founded by a bunch of people, former adventurers, now grown old.  It seems unable to protect itself from even the weakest of attacks.  Makes me wonder, if the adventurers mysteriously die, and it can be blamed on the goblins, there would be a power vacuum.  Since the townsfolk are used to adventurers ruling them, it may create an opening for us to take charge.  

I need to find out about the power structure of the region, determine who the ruler(s) pay fealty to, ingratiate myself with them in some way, so that if the old bastards "die off", they are likely to place me and my group in charge,  There may be an opportunity here.  Of course, I would never share this with my companions until I know where they stand vis-a-vis power and what they will do to achieve it.  

So far I'ver got a warder on my side, having given him a potion  to heal him up, when he was near death.  That may prove helpful later.

I jot all this down quickly while my companions hurl bodies into coffins.  Son we set forth again to cleanse goblins goblins from the rat holes they call home.  More later.



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