Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Hallowed Ground

After having some very interesting questions raised by Vesper about the backstory of this maidens-eaten-by-dragon story, we took the town Mayor for a walk and discussed it. He appeared genuinely puzzled by the questions and we convinced him that the real problem is the curse laid upon the town by their old cleric, rather than the spirits of the slain women. We discussed hiring a cleric of a higher level to come here and remove the curse.

After that, we went back into the tomb. The ice elementals appeared to be either dead and gone or they were cowed by our presence, as they did not appear. We moved through the earthen area and encountered a snake made of steel. The guys hacked at it for a long time. Eventually, I got bored and dispatched it with a few quick magic missiles.

We then faced a choice between crossing a room full of lava and going into a muddy room. To no one’s surprise, we took the muddy path. Five mudmen rose from the floor and attacked us. I stood back and let the guys dispatch them. Vesper then crossed the room to inspect an alcove and was attacked by another stone spider. I cast a magic missile to support him from across the room and we killed it.

From there, we proceeded down a hallway and encountered another stone coffin. After much deliberation, we pulled the top aside and found a human male skeleton inside. Inside we found a trove a treasures. Huzzah!



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