Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Ghastly Stuff and Going Deeper

Hey Pop,

Last I told you, we were back in the village. Well, we went back to the catacomb place and searched around some more. Found a room with some crystal statues, and you were right again — mess with things like that, they’ll come alive and try to kill you. We smashed ’em up right quick, and it looks like their eyes were gems of some kind, so we kept ’em.

A bit of searching found a hidden door. I, uh, kind of broke it opening it, seems it was supposed to slide to the side, not get pushed straight in. Ah well, it’ll be easy to find it next time.

Big coffin in there, some gold tracing on the lid. It was locked, but as you told me as a kid, people don’t usually lock up worthless stuff. You were right, there was some valuable stuff in there, a magic ring and this magic spear, good against undead.

I forgot something, though. People also lock up stuff they don’t want getting out. When I pulled the lid open this horrible stench came out and knocked some of us on our asses, puking our guts out. Just as well Curio and Vesper hung back, they managed to kill whatever it was before it got out.

After that we went down some stairs we’d found and were in this big room with a pool of ice across the middle. There was a broken-down bridge, but there were some kind of ice monsters. We killed one of ’em, held the other three off with burning oil, and kept going. That room led into a cave with a couple of big rock spider things. They took some big chunks out of Goraj, but he was okay until we got back to town.

He’s still looking for some magic armor. It’s weird, he’s getting upset that he’s not getting any magic items, but he’s saying there’s no real point in taking any of the ones we’ve found because he won’t use ’em.

Can you ask around Brighton and see if there’s any way to find some magic plate mail or a magic great helmet or a ring or magic gloves or magic fangs or something? He doesn’t use weapons, so everybody else has been ending up with them.

Hope to be home soon, maybe in a week or two.


Captain's Log, Elfdate 2012.0610

Well, we went back into these caverns again.  Now we encountered ghouls, ice things, and statues and stone spiders.  What the fuck.  The only thing I can think is that this was a dragon's lair.  I will interrogate the entire village harshly if need be to determine what the hell we are into here.  We told the villagers we would help deliver them from their own guilt coming back to haunt them, by virtue of killing off the ghouls of the women they poisoned and gave to the dragon.  Presumably the dragon died by eating them.  When did this happen exactly? Where's the dragon corpse?  Where are the bones?  Not even a dragon tooth on the village inn wall?  Something stinks here, and it ain't the lizard man for once.  Speaking of which, I've heard you can make a powerful suit of plate from the scales of a dragon, and red dragon scales give extra protection against fire.  I don't know if this is true, but I would love to find out.

I will pose to the group in the morn that we ask the villagers a few things, under pain of death, or at leasat horrible torture if need be (note to self, may need to have the lizard man and the countryboy scout out the land around while I do this—-I think the mage may be on board for this form of research, but I will have to feel him out):

1.  Where was the dragon's lair?  When was the dragon killed?  Where did the sacrifice take place exactly?

2.  What happened to his corpse?

3.  What happened to his treasure?

4.  If the dragon ate the women, how are they corporeal now as ghouls?  Red dragons burn shit right? I assume that means he burnt them before eating.  Which would have likely burned out the poison.

5.   Were the women buried?  If so how did they get the corpses from the belly of the beast?

6. What is the history of the area as relates to the burial area we have been exploring?  It went from mausoleum, which seems to old for the ghouls we are killing to be the women sacrificed to the dragon, to a weird ass fucked up lair of some sort.  Likely a series of rooms and traps designed to protect the dragon and his treasure.  Or something else.

7.  How the fuck did a podunk little shit village like this manage to develop a poison that killed off a dragon which is powerful enough to have such guardians as ice things and stone things and spider statues?  If indeed it is his lair.  If its not, we need to learn more on the history of this place before we go in.  Blackmarsh may have more info on it, as I understand the temples there have detailed histories of the lands around, and have a rich resource by way or funded and endorsed adventurers who may have info they relayed to the priests.  

8.   If we get no good answers from the villagers, I am tying as many of the children up as I can find and bringing them with me to the next excursion to act as trap detectors.

9.  If we can't get more info before heading in, I will vote to go to Blackmarsh to determine better what we are in for if we dig further.  I don't want to go in blind.  Killing ghouls is one thing.  But I don't like puzzles, especially ones that may lead to my death.  Especially if I think someone is holding outon me in terms of info that may help to keep me alive.  I could give a fuck about this village and the worthless dogs that dwell within it.  I just want the loot, magic and power that stems from the slaying and explortation.

It's so hard to keep up my mask as a goody-two-shoes with this group.  I must work harder at it, so it doesn't slip off at the wrong time.

Now I must meditate on the many torture techniques I learned under my master, to my great pain and enjoyment, as my companions do that human thing called sleep. 




Goraj Phones It In

Today Goraj felt like someone else was moving his arms and legs today. He missed a lot of attacks but still did huge damage and protected his allies who once again took all the loot. No plate mail. Goraj is pissed. We walked across a bridge over icy water and me thought Goraj would fall through and get to go for a swim but when me broke through, the ice didn’t break. Too bad. Fought some stone spiders and some crystal warriors and some undead misfits. Nothing tasted good when me bit it. Yucky day.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got 2 HP left. And no plate mail.

Into the Tomb of Moordath

from the diary of Curio the Mage

Through the Room of Glass Statues:
My companions entered a room of glass statues armed with spears and with glowing red eyes. I waited in the back while they dispatched them all. We found 5 red gemstones, but I couldn’t tell what kind they were. After destroying the statues, the Elf found a secret door on the back wall. The farm boy tried to force the secret door open and he was so strong that it fell inward into the room instead of slide to the side. Inside the room, we found a coffin with a gold inlaid pattern. They tried to open it, but it was locked. So the crowbars came out and they forced it open with iron spikes.

Inside was powerful and noxious undead. It caused all of them except the cleric to throw up violently. I quickly blasted it with two magic missiles while the cleric pounded away at it with his mace. It wounded him, but we took it down. In the coffin, we found a magical dagger +1 and a spear, which I couldn’t identify. On the undead, we found a ring, which I also could not identify. They let me carry the dagger, since it would be the best I could carry.

After healing up wounds, we went down the stairs deeper into the tomb. There was an open room with a pool of water that had frozen over. The temperature dropped. There was a rickety bridge across the ice. Ice elementals appeared on the surface of the ice, but they didn’t do anything. So I threw some flaming oil on the elementals to incite them. One charged us and we pounded him to shards. The others retreated back in the face of the flaming oil. After throwing a bit more fuel on the fire, we crossed the rickety bridge successfully and continued on.

The tomb turned cavelike at this point. Then we ran across some spiders that appeared to be made of stone. My companions smashed them to bits, but they took quite a few hits and I had to drop a magic missile on one of them to win the day. However, we were exhausted so we returned to town and prepared for another day of adventure tomorrow.

Lights out

The Ethics of Dragon Slaying

Found among the personal papers of Curio the Mage after his unfortunate demise

On the Ethics of Dragon Slaying
When this candle expires, I will be sleeping through the night at an inn in the small town of Moordath. We had intended for the town to be simply a waypoint on our path to Castle Blackmarsh, but it was not to be. Several apparitions appeared during our breakfast and caused quite a stir in town. The town elders pleaded for help, but then provided sparse details. After we made it clear that they either divulged the truth or we would walk, they told us about a most Faustian of bargains.

It appears that several years ago the town was plagued by a vicious dragon. Unable to defeat it, the townspeople were at their wit’s end. However, they cleverly concocted a powerful poison and injected it into a few virginal women, whom they then chained up and offered to the dragon in tribute. They were dreadfully ashamed of their act and at first I thought they had every cause to be. However, upon further rumination I realized that it was not necessarily so.

This ghastly act presents quite the quandary. Which is the greater evil? The threat of the dragon or the act of sacrificing the women? Surely, the dragon would continue to ravage the town were it not stopped, thus causing more deaths. I am forced to conclude that the sacrifice was therefore the most moral act to take, however grisly it may have been.

My only regret about the whole affair is that they killed the alchemist who brewed the potion. To destroy such knowledge is truly vile.

Decisions Decisions

Personal Log, Efldate 2012.0609

What to do.  On the one hand I want my brethren to rule of the world as we once did.  On the other, the current powers that be in the homeland are too lazy and lethargic to do anything about it.  I know the ancient enemies of all elfdom are the traitorous elves from the House of the Raven.  Or so I've been taught.  I noticed that many of the things I've been taught in my homeland were found to be lies, once I left the homeland and explored the world.  For instance, humans aren't the lesser race as they were described to me.  They are fiercely aggressive, probably due to their shorter lifespans.  In my opinion, we elves could use some of that vigor.

When I get to Blackmarsh I will thoroughly investigate elfdom as it exists in a human city, outside in the "real world" to determine if they have any different opinions.  Depending on how that goes, perhaps I can steer my companions to lands where the House of the Raven are rumored to exist, so I can investigate them. 

I have to think more on this.


Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Hey Pop,

I can’t talk long, we’re in the middle of something here.

After we got back from purging the goblin hall we hung around Brighton for a little while we rested up. Goraj held that big festival he was planning with all the fighting, I did a bit of shopping — got myself a warhorse, a better helmet, and some other gear, including a silvered spear.

Yeah, yeah, looks frivolous, but after finding that silvered dagger and thinking about the stories you told me, if we run into werewolves or something I want a weapon that’ll hurt them without having to get too close to them.

We hired a couple of the boys who wanted to get out of town and see a bit of the world. We want someone to help watch over the camp and our horses when we have to do stuff. We’re headed down to the castle where the elves took over, I think Vesper wants to talk to them, and I could do with some more travel, so I can get to know my horse.

We got to a little town, I forget the name, where they’ve got a ferry across to the peninsula so we don’t have to slog too far through swamp. They used to have a dragon problem until they managed to kill it.

I’m not really happy about how they did it. It was effective, I won’t disagree with that, but it wasn’t very good. Maybe it was the best they could do under the circumstances.

In the meantime, they’ve got a problem with ghouls right now, and have hired us to check that out. So far we’ve killed four, including one I ended up cutting in half with a coffin lid…

Well, you said a good warrior is adaptable. I was pulling the lid off a coffin we thought might have something in it when a ghoul tried to jump out. Goraj and Vesper hit it, I had a heavy coffin lid in my hands so I tried to pin it with the lid by sliding it shut again. I guess I pushed too hard.

We just found a room with a hidden area in it with a couple of big red suits of armor. Curio says they aren’t magic, but they look impressive. I think I want one of them, but I remember that story you told me about the cursed armor… I think I’ll wait until I can have Father Oran take a look too.


Captain's Log, Elfdate 2012.0609

Fools and Ghouls.  They decided, even though I warned them they could be paralyzed, to take on the ghouls plaguing this little river crossing area.  Apparently there was a human sacrifice or something gone wrong.  Which of course is an oxymoron, because how could sacrificing humans ever go wrong—-unless they don't die of course. 

We are mid-fight here, I don't know how many we will be battling..  I was hoping for some easy loot from the town, or from the church and apothecary/alchemist guy.  The foolish villagers in their ignorance burnt the alchemist lab down.  Something to do with this human emotion called guilt.  I dunno.

Anyhow, I'm just in this for the hint of dragon loot at the end of the day.  If there is any left, I can use it.  Resources were depleted with the new spells.

Well, I scribbled this between fights, so let me get back to slaying stuff.

Crazy thought—-they all get paralyzed, I live, I go back and get their stuff. Hmmm…. 

Goraj Enters Upper Management

Goraj have new paradigm. Spend all money on awesome gladiator fights. It’s super fun to watch and now everyone loves Goraj.

Now Goraj is poor again but as long as there’s gobbos in the world Goraj will never go hungry.

This week we stayed in Brighton and threw a huge party with fights. No one fought Goraj but that’s okay because now Goraj is in upper management. Someone gave me a tie and now I wear it over my armor because it makes me look important.

We goed to another place but talky man knowed what it was called so Goraj didn’t bother learning name. We found dead chicks who were not so dead. They had paralyzing touch but no one touches Goraj, especially not Goraj’s tie. James got touched but he’s not Goraj. He did crush one dead-not-dead with a coffin lid. That was awesome. Some dead stuff got on me tie, but that okay. Goraj wiped it on dead-not-dead.

One thing, Goraj disappointed that talky man wanted to pour bad sauce in coffin without opening. Girl inside was screaming and maybe she was victim. Then he want to pile coffin lids on top and leave her to die. Goraj not down with that. Innocent must be saved. Villains must get fair fight. Killing without looking is for cowards. Goraj is not a coward.

Goraj less sure about talky man now, and others took all the magic stuff. Goraj starting to wonder about this group. We’ll see. Hopefully they won’t die the way the last group did. That made Goraj sad. Messy and sad.


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