Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

The Last Thoughts of a Dying Man

These goblins are really easy to kill. There is tons of great loot here. Hey, did you hear that? I think.. oh shit, ouch, damn, sonofa bitch, mutha, ugh……

Okay, they aren’t killing you. That’s good. Stay calm, we can make it out of this alive. Agree to cooperate, yes, for now. They need to trust me, they need to feel that I am forlorn, oh woe is me.

Damn, they sure are thorough. Seems like a roundabout way to solve that problem.

Do you think you used enough arrows on the dogs, Elf. Shit….

Oh fuck, an undead Goblin King! And an evil cleric! This is not good.

They seem to be doing pretty well, despite the odds. Damn, that mage can throw flaming oil like a pimp. These guys have solid tactics.

Oh hell, the lizardfuck is down. This is not good. Get him that healing potion, Elf! Move it!

Okay, this is a close run thing. These bastards might lose. Then I will be in the custody of goblins. They are gonna torture the hell out of me. Damn… this blows.

Hooray! They killed the King! I won’t be tortured after all!

They managed to kill all those goblins. Damn. I am impressed.

Okay, I gotta go into this last chamber to act as a decoy. Please, let everything dangerous be dead already.

Hey, is it just me or is that ceiling coming down towards my hea……

Loot from last haul

Outstanding questions:  Who took the pots of longevity? Erik, what was the potion on the mage?  Forgot to ask that the other day.  I assume the 3 pots of cure disease are for the group as a whole so it doesnt matter who has them.  We have alredy 2 pot of holy water, and we got 1 pot of cure light off the dwarf, how many of the other 2 pots did we use up during last session?  Also, I am assuming the mage and I each get to copy those spells out of the spellbook, group loot, right? We also need to sell the crown for 2500 gp.  we got thegp for the rest of the loot already, and we got the xp for the crown, we just need to dispose of it now, and split the 2500 gp amongst ourselves.


reg long bow- lizzy

pouch—-150 gp

4 gp

long sw, immaculate +1 (fighter)

finely made long bow +1 dmg (vesper)

quiver w/3 brighton tipped arrows, d10 chain or leather.

small pouch 20 pp

mage: spellbook—ch person, m mouth, read lang, potion, 56 gp,

elf: 35 gp, 15 pp

dwarf: chain, axe, 55 gp, potion healing

leader: 110 gp, gem on chain 250 gp, 2hs reg., chain reg.

15 chests: 0, already looted

thief: shield +1 (fighter), leather—destroyed


king: glowing sh sw goblinshard +1 glows 5' radius if goblins 30' (vesper), crown valuable 2500 gp (vesper to sell later)

shaman: plat ring valuable 75 gp, black silk pouch 6 gems 10, 25, 100, 100, 250, 750

2000 sp

300 gp

shelf—vials, hourglass upside down—-2 pots longevity

3 pots, white bone bottles, cure disease

50 gp ears

300 gp each

Vesper's Wa

We elves have an inner sense of peace and contentment, a sense of Wa, in elven, which humans do not possess.  Certainly the reptile thing with us does not possess it.  It is a sense of always being flowing, along with the universe, not against it, which give us such remarkable combat prowess. 

From what I am discovering, mixing overly long with non-elves, outside of our peaceful environment and magical enclaves, screws up those vibrations greatly, to the detriment of our simplest abilities.  

Fow example, taking 34 arrows to kill one wolf.  That clearly was not my fault, and can only be blamed on the lesser beings I am forced to associate with in my quest for power and glory and expansion of the elven lands.  

One more burden I take upon myself, as the gods-annointed savior of my race, whose destiny is to lead them to world domination once again as it was in days of yore.  One lesser-being death at a time.

We cleared the tunnels of the filthy swine, took the gold and glory, and now I await the delivery of my super-arrows and a composite longbow  from the humans. How the humans have developed such bow and arrow technology is beyond me.  They must have stolen it from lost elven tomes.  Which makes sense, in that we have forgotten more about bows and arrows, and all things really, than humans will ever know.  And all that they know comes from us.

On a brighter note, my spell training is now complete.  Perhaps the ability to cast spells will restore my sense of Wa somewhat.




Gladiator Goraj to Brighten Brighton
by Mary Meanough, Brighton Daily News

A former award-winning gladiator has pledged to put the town of Brighton on the human cock fighting map.

Goraj zo Kalassar, a 6-foot-4 lizardman whose extraordinary pit fighting skill won him his freedom less than a year ago, has announced that he is in negotiations with several fight promoters to bring a pit fighting contest to Brighton.

The purse, reported at 500 gold pieces, will be supplied entirely by Kalassar. “Fighting good for men,” explains Kalassar, in the town’s tavern. “Make them strong and happy.”

Along with several other adventuring do-gooders, Kalassar recently rid the town of its goblin infestation, tracking a small party back to their headquarters and freeing several dozen townsfolk in the process, including two wardens.

“I don’t know what we would have done without those guys,” said a visibly shaken warden who asked that we withhold his name because it hadn’t come up in session yet.

“I mean, I was tortured, and they beat a lot of the women. Then these guys come in and, man they made it look easy. That Goraj fella was just wailing on the gobbos, biting and clawing, then the little fella starts throwing fire and wow, I mean, it was gobbo barbeque.”

Kalassar, who has spent most of his life in abject poverty, unable even to buy weapons for his pit fights, says the money he earned in the goblin caves just slows him down.

“Gold heavy,” he says. “Goraj not need money. Goraj want to reach out to other warriors, and maybe inner city youth one day, to make lives better.”

A noble sentiment, perhaps, but not one everyone shares.

“Them wandering warriors come in here and kill of them gobbos,” rants a local farmer named Jim, “and that’s good and all, but that gold they took, that’s our gold. Belongs to the town.”

So far, Jim says he hasn’t had the nerve to tell the adventurers to their faces, certainly not the lizardman, but he says he’s not alone.

“Plenty of people want that money. They want their families back. They want their lives back,” he says. “Them adventurers brought back some of the townsfolk but not all of them. What about the folk the gobbos killed? How are they gonna bring them back?”

How indeed? Despite their resounding victory, people now expect more from the troupe. Perhaps Kalassar’s pit fights will be enough to satisfy them, perhaps not.

Purging the Goblin Hall

Hey Pop, how’s it going?

Good, I’m glad your leg’s doing better.

I’m doing fine, thanks, but it was touch and go a couple times.

Y’know how I hooked up with that group and we cleaned out Paco’s salt mine? Well, after that Father Oran asked us to look into a problem he was having at the church. Turns out some goblins were breaking in from the sewer. We captured one and killed the rest.

People have been getting sick lately. After we killed those goblins in the sewer, Thatcher thought the goblins might have come back and were fouling the water. Remember the goblin hall you told me about, upriver from here? He asked us to go check it out and see if they were there, and it turns out they were.

We made our way upriver. Met a group of goblin slavers, rescued the slave they were transporting and sent him back to town. I should remember to check to see if he made it. I’ll check with Bruke to see if he came to turn in the ears for the bounty.

Oh, just threw them into the bush after we killed ‘em. There wasn’t really a good time or place to bury ‘em, and the river was already suspected to be tainted, no sense making it worse.

We found the goblin hall, talked about trying to smoke the goblins out, but figured that since we didn’t actually know where the holes all went and the wind was coming out of the hall instead of going in it wasn’t really worth it. We went in and started exploring. First room we came to we found a bunch of goblins… bullying, I guess, another one. The bullies are all dead, and Curio made an offer to the goblin — serve Curio and get paid, or die. The goblin took him up on it…

Yeah, I know, only good gobbo is a dead gobbo. I wanted Curio to tell his new pet that I’m right behind him with my spear and I didn’t trust him. Turns out the little sneak speaks Common. Kinda. Drew a map for us that wasn’t bad, only missed a couple of things. We went around and started killing all the goblins. See that stained javelin? That’s gotta be a lucky javelin, I had a couple great kills. Yeah, one was a goblin running away, right inna neck, the other was a gobbo sergeant. Pow! Right through the belly. Both times it was easier to pull it the rest of the way through than pull it back out.

Oh yeah, found a shrine, too. Had a skeleton looking guy in it, crumbled and fell to the floor when we hit it. I heard “Tell Winnifrey I love her” in my head, and…

No, I don’t think I’m going crazy. Not any more than any other adventurer, at least.

There was a secret room there. Tried opening it, got stung by a trap and fell asleep. I was okay, we found some treasure and a couple of magic dog statues that attacked us.

Treasure? There was lots. I think I can pay for William’s apprenticeship and put up dowry for Millie…

What? The Little Sisters of No Mercy? She got religion? Well, okay. That makes sense, I can’t imagine any man who would put up with her, that she would put up with.

William does still want to be a scribe, right? He’s the smart one, he should have the chance. I think Michael would be a better choice to take over here. Smart enough to understand the work, strong enough to do the work, and wants to die in bed…

Well, maybe his own bed, but I’ve seen how the girls look at him. I’ve got more money right now, but you told me that it doesn’t last, the faster it comes the faster it goes. He inherits here and runs the place right, he’ll make a good husband. Not a lot of good woodsmiths around, and I think he’s got plans to expand a bit.

I know it’s been tight. I’ll do what I can to help out. He’s got to build it on his own, it can’t depend on me for success, but I can help him get started, at least.

Found some people the goblins had captured, probably from the mines, and were using as slaves. We rescued a couple of wardens, too, come to that. Armed the folks with stuff we took from the goblins and the wardens brought ‘em home.

Found a pair of big double doors, barred from this side. Decided not to open ‘em, whatever was in there could stay there for all of me.

Later we found a room with a couple of… squirmy things in ‘em. Whatever they were, they weren’t right. One of ‘em hit me and it knocked me out.

No, not inna head, you know I can take a hit to the head. It just hit me in the arm and I hit the floor. Goraj, the big lizard man, woke me up with some ‘Thrassian healing magic’ — slapping me upside the head. Yeah, the head-beating woke me up, so you know whatever put me down wasn’t natural.

Found out what was causing the problem, too. There was this jug pouring nasty black crud into a well, I’m guessing it led to the river. Goraj tried to lift it down but dropped it and it smashed on the floor. Just as well, I guess, problem solved either way and this looked like something that would be better to get rid of, really.

Decided to see what else was in here, try to find the ones behind this mess. Next place we looked we found those guys who got run out of town. Before I knew it there was screaming and fire and death. Think one of ‘em got away, Curio was saying something about a potion of gaseous form or something. I dunno, but we got his stuff.

Well, we weren’t just going to leave it there, were we? I dunno why we attacked, somebody did and I had to pick — fight and maybe survive, run, or try to explain it was all a mistake if my guys died. Ended up capturing their leader, at least, he surrendered.

We waited for the fire to die down and then went back in. Next room had some big wolves in cages. Vesper killed ‘em with his bow, which is a good thing because when we tried to leave the room somebody stepped on something and the cage doors opened.

That would’ve been ugly.

Then we found a room full of chanting goblins, all facing a zombie-looking thing on a throne and a gobbo shaman. Goraj and I waded in with our heavy armor and between him and his claws, and me and this sword I found, we were chopping ‘em down easy.

I know you like spears, Pop, and spears are good, especially that javelin over there. But Curio told me this sword was magic, and looking at how good it worked I think he’s right. Chop-chop, chop-chop, chop-chop through the goblins. I’m still gonna carry spears, you can’t throw a sword, and spears can reach farther. I’m gonna get one of them silvered, like the dagger we found.

Yeah, a dagger with a shiny blade covered in silver. Curio told us it’s a burial dagger from somewhere far away.

I dunno what we’re gonna do with it. But I remember you telling me about werewolves and stuff, and I figure if I can get a weapon that’ll work good against them I want one — and one that’ll keep ‘em off me. Those wolves I saw in the cages were scary enough, I don’t want ‘em in my face.

So we killed all the goblins, except the ones that ran away, and even some of them. Got some loot, the town’s happy with us, and we all survived.

Right, right, Curio’s pet. He was helpful, I’ll give him that, but you’re right, that’s no reason to trust him. I’ll keep my eye on him.

Night Pop. Yeah, it’s been a long week, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve got some stuff to do around town though.

The Red Lantern? Well… we were given free passes, and you told me I shouldn’t waste things….

Too many goblins, too little Goraj

This dungeon full of squishy goblins. Goraj getting tired of squashing them like bugs but talky man says keep squashing so Goraj squash.

We find humans chained up in rooms. Most look at Goraj with fear (of course) but we break their chains and give them goblin armor then they happy and go home. Talky man think maybe they fight for us but Goraj knows goblins only squishy to awesome adventurers. Any warden weak enough to be caught by goblins is too weak to fight beside Goraj.

James now have full armor and not so squishy. Talky man and stabby elf now quick to pour healing potion in Goraj. Good. Keep Goraj happy. Keep Goraj strong. Keep party alive.

After people in chains (and one on rack), we find locked door. Goraj wisely advise saving this room for last. Inside we find later is many sleeping kobalds. Goraj have to walk kid home who didn’t want to stay for sleepover so he miss the carnage. That okay, Goraj get lots of carnage. Plus kobalds tastes nasty.

Next room have slippery, stingy monsters. They try to sting Goraj but Goraj cut them like sushi. One sting James and he go limp like boned fish. He get better after Goraj slap him and yell “Get better!” Goraj very helpful.

We find source of ick in water. Magic jug of sewage and kobald taste pouring into well. Goraj try to take it down, but Goraj hands made for crushing enemies, not handling fine china, so Goraj drop it (not in well) and it smash. Talky man angry. Why he want jar of endless diarrhea Goraj not know, but he want it. Yuck. Magic confuses Goraj.

Next come awesome fight. We find scrunchy dwarf and his stupid friends. They killing Goraj’s goblins with arrows (cowards) in their sleep (uber cowards). Goraj go medieval on them (this is Goraj default setting) and they die. Other party guys help and Goraj actually take damage. Bleh. We loot bodies but fast because talky man throw fire in room and make a mess.

Later we kill some dogs in their cages. Goraj sad. Dogs are proud and should fight before dying, but other guys want to avoid “unnecessary damage”. They could do that by staying home and learning to knit, but Goraj stay quiet and watch doggies die.

Brave stabby elf use up 19 arrows executing dogs from safe distance. Goraj have spear that not use up arrows, but not want to be part of making sadness. Poor doggies.

Last room have more stupid goblins plus one scary shaman and creepy zombie goblin king. Stupid goblins not toch might Goraj but unnnatural zombie king hit him twice and he go down. Goraj suffer horrible damage, drop to near death, but come right back. No stupid dead goblin can hurt Goraj. As Goraj come back to life from potion stabby elf give him, he see fleeting sights of death. Goraj see worse when he close his eyes every night. Actually, Goraj seeing worse right now.

Lesser warriors would step back and fight with bow. One brush with death is more than most can stomach, but not Goraj. Goraj wade in like god of war and tear arms off goblin king. He collapse and this terrify other stupid goblins. They flee and we put arrows in them. This is what arrows are for, fleeing goblins, not pretty doggies in cages. Goraj sad again.

One more room but no goblins inside. We make stupid leader of other adventurers go in to check for traps. He find one. His helmet no good anymore and he much shorter but now room safe for Goraj. Traps are like shooting dogs. No fun and no fair. Goraj want to take prisoners everywhere to check for traps. Sensible policy. Goraj smarter than he looks.

Back in town everyone happy and we get lots of money and suddenly Goraj tougher and hits things easier. Avoiding paralysis seem somehow easier too. Magic probably.

Clearing out the Vermin

Excerpt from the personal diary of Curio the Mage….

May 10th, Year of the Burnt Sea

After our journey down the shit pit of Brighton, news of our party’s adventures spread throughout the town. Unfortunately, something else has been spreading in town; disease. Luckily, none of us have been afflicted.

The local priest approached us, yammering about having seen a goblin in the basement of the church. We agreed to investigate. When we arrived, there was definite damage to several of the crates and they had been arranged to conceal a hole in the wall that led out into the town sewers. Hesitant to head out into stink and filth, we waited in the room to try to catch the goblins.

After about an hour, we got our wish. Several goblins came down the sewer pipe and when the first one stuck his head through the hole, Goraj grabbed him and threw him into one of the crates. I promptly threw a bottle of oil into the passage, followed by a torch. The fire ignited the toxins of the sewers and blasted the goblins into the next world.

Before handing him over to the mayor, we interrogated the captured goblin to learn that the nearby goblin warrens which had been cleared many years ago by the mayor’s adventuring party was busy once again. The mayor was very alarmed by this, so we agreed to handle it for him if he could scrounge up some plate mail to be fitted on our good lad James. So it was done.

We set off the next morning for the warrens. On the path, we encountered a pack of goblins that were pulling a cart. We launched a ranged volley and when that failed to intimidate them, I cast Sleep and knocked them all into a deep slumber. It was their last. In the cart was a human captive, who said he was picked up on a raid against one of the human operated mines nearby. We armed him with the goblin weapons and sent him back towards town. We ventured onward to the goblin warrens.

We came to the entrance; a large archway of ancient construction, and found no posted guards. There was a brief discussion of possibly smoking them out, but it was discarded when we discovered their way a slight breeze blowing outward from the entryway. So we entered the foul place and prepared for battle.

The warrens were composed of twisted passageways that led about. We followed one to discover several goblins abusing one of their ilk terribly. We dispatched them easily and offered the runty target of their abuse a choice: join us or die. Of course, they chose to come along. The goblin drew us a crude map and we followed it easily, allowing us to get the drop on many of our enemies. Goraj dispatched a large number in their beds while they were still sleeping.

We discovered a temple area with an undead skeleton serving as a priest. This was a little disconcerting, but we also found a concealed compartment that contained a number of fine treasures. Treasure always makes the fear easier to endure. Further into the compex, we found a place with many empty coffins. Again, the hairs on the back of the neck were raised. At that moment we were beset by goblins, which Goraj again handily dispatched.

As an aside, this lizardman is proving to be quite an effective fighter. I am able to hold my spells in reserve for when it truly counts. I believe this will make us highly effective in our future endeavors.

After stuffing the dead goblins in the coffins to conceal them, we continued down the tunnel to discove

remainder of page damaged beyond recognition

Delicious fingers!

This has been an interesting town to visit, so far. First troglodytes, then goblins.  Who would have thought that such a seemingly peaceful little village would yield so much excitement?  And loot! 

My companions are an odd bunch.  We have one creature, useful for opening doors and testing for traps, who throws himself into any combat headfirst, heedless of a plan, tactics, strategy, or risk of his own life and limb.  Since he seems to be willing to absorb the brunt of the blows thrown our way, that's fine with me.  There is also a mage and another fighter, who seem to have more combat sense, but less "flair" about engaging, shall we say.  :)  Still, to have another mage in the group is helpful, as he may help me complete my studies to become a mage as well.  Note to self:  get  to know the fighter better.  Another meatshield is always helpful to have around, especially since the reptile seems hell-bent on suicide by combat.

This town was founded by a bunch of people, former adventurers, now grown old.  It seems unable to protect itself from even the weakest of attacks.  Makes me wonder, if the adventurers mysteriously die, and it can be blamed on the goblins, there would be a power vacuum.  Since the townsfolk are used to adventurers ruling them, it may create an opening for us to take charge.  

I need to find out about the power structure of the region, determine who the ruler(s) pay fealty to, ingratiate myself with them in some way, so that if the old bastards "die off", they are likely to place me and my group in charge,  There may be an opportunity here.  Of course, I would never share this with my companions until I know where they stand vis-a-vis power and what they will do to achieve it.  

So far I'ver got a warder on my side, having given him a potion  to heal him up, when he was near death.  That may prove helpful later.

I jot all this down quickly while my companions hurl bodies into coffins.  Son we set forth again to cleanse goblins goblins from the rat holes they call home.  More later.

Claw, Claw, Bite ... Cleave

Goraj become famous wherever he go. This town already knows his awesomeness and every time he goes to tavern the good villagers buy him beer and get him drunk. None want to fight with Gorajbut they are softy farmer types and no good for fighting anyways.

Cleric come to Goraj because he hear that Goraj awesome goblin smasher even though he never go to tavern. Cleric say he have goblin problem in basement. Goblins like rats so Goraj go and fix problem. Also, Goraj friend James need plate mail. He want to be brave like Goraj and know that best offense is a good defense. No goblins touch Goraj in his plate mail. Everywhere we go Goraj ask about plate mail. Goraj try to be diplomatical like talky man but no one have plate mail.

When we go to cleric house he take us downstairs. There we find supplies and such plus haphazardly stacked crates. Goraj not quite sure what “haphazardly stacked” mean but talky man quite certain, so Goraj go and unhapazard them. Behind we find goblin hole leading to sewer. Goblins like stink so we wait and in hour or so five come sloshing through sewer.

Goraj try to grab one for question asking but goblin slippery with poop and Goraj miss. Then talky man throw fireball and kill four goblins. Goraj disappointed but not want to burn so wait. Then Goraj grab surviving goblin and talky man start crapping goblin words out his talk hole. Goblin words sound bad. Goblin say many more goblins live near and take turns pooping in town’s clean water, so we go next day to thump them.

First we find cart with human prisoner. Goraj charge the cart and smash many goblins. They bleed a lot and cry but Goraj mad and hung over from party with scaredy villagers.

Then we find tunnel to Goblin hidey holes. Many rooms and halls and Goraj get border but every room have goblins and Goraj go psycho in each and come out with goblin heads. Vesper mad necklace with ears after cart debacle so village man would give gold. Goraj forgot but will go back through rooms collecting ears next time.

Two rooms had sleeping goblins. Goraj like fighting waked ones but goblins take too long to wake up and get armor on and even when they do they too easy to smash, so Goraj just carve a bloody swath of carnage through their barracks. Stupid goblins should have posted a sentry.

Oh, and there was skeleton warrior / lich thing in temple so Goraj smash it, but it actually just dead guy. Oh well.

Then there was a room full of coffins and more goblins came. Goraj smash them too. Cleaving fun.

Now we headed into rest of goblin place. Hope there’s something tougher than goblins in there. They fun to smash but not so satisfying. Maybe Goraj let them take free shot from now on. More sportsmanlike.

May 5th, Year of the Burnt Sea
Down the Shit Pit of Brighton

Excerpt from the personal diary of Curio the Mage….

May 5th, Year of the Burnt Sea

I have arrived in the town of Brighton. The lizardman companion that I picked up in the Ember Hills has proven to be a lightning rod for interesting events, so I shall continue to tolerate his brutish behavior through the foreseeable future. Upon arrival in town, he immediately picked a fight with an easily offended Dwarf. Surprisingly, he won. I remained prepared throughout the entire ordeal to throw down a few spells to protect him if it proved necessary but fortunately that was not to be. He put the Dwarf on the floor with two solid punches, to the surprise of the crowd, and earned some begrudging respect in the process.

The fight attracted the attention of a local farmer turned miner by the name of Paco. He approached the lizardman and begged for help against some foul beast that had inhabited the salt mine on his property. We were able to enlist the support of a shadowy Elf that overheard the story and wanted to come along on the investigation. As we were leaving town, we stumbled into a local boy named James who was just reaching the prime of his youth. He was excited by the possibility of an adventure and agreed to come with us.

When we arrived on the farm, we saw the salt mine that Paco had dug out. The doors he had placed over the hole were smashed open and clearly stood little chance against whatever had entered the mine. Cautiously, we dropped the Elf down first to explore the first level. It was a storage area that was clear of danger. So the rest of us slid down the rope and entered the darkened interior.

We made our way down the primary shaft in teams of two, encountering nothing dangerous but quite a few odd bits of evidence as to what lay beneath us. On one level, we found a large quantity of dung, which I examined closely in the hopes of gaining some idea of what we were about to encounter. Based on the dung, I deduced that it was some kind of carnivorous lizard. In the spoor, I found a golden brooch. Clearly the possession of this thing’s last meal. I told the men to steel themselves and we descended further. The Elf found tracks that were vaguely reptilian, which was alarming but at least confirmed my suspicions.

Further down, we found another side tunnel that had become flooded. The lizardman dove into the water but found nothing except grime within it’s depths. All that remained was the new chamber that Paco had dug at the bottom of the shaft. Confident that our quarry lay down there, we slid down quickly and moved forward prepared for battle.

Two large troglodytes emerged from back of the darkened chamber. One struck at our lizardman but he cleverly withdrew in time to avoid the blow. Just as our men raised steel against the Trogs, I snapped into action. Muttering a few incantations and waving my left hand, I reached out to the minds of these foul beasts and struck them into a magical slumber. They fell to the floor and I spoke to the men to not slay them yet.

I pulled a pair of manacles from my pack and we secured the male’s hands behind his back. Then we bound the female with rope and quickly moved them both back to the central shaft. At this point the stench had begun to overpower the Elf, who fled up the rope first to take in the fresh air of the farmland above. The lizardman went up as well and then together they pulled up the Trogs to the surface. We spoke with Paco about their fate and after some deliberation decided to go ahead and kill the monsters.

We kept their heads as trophies and used the bodies to serve as the base of a bonfire that Paco would surely need to burn up all the refuse the Trogs had left in the mind. With a generous reward in hand, we started back to town with the Trog heads to warn others of their presence. On the road, we encountered a warden and told them of the troglodyte encounter. He invited us to return with him to town and speak to the mayor about the afternoon’s bloody affair, which we did. We were granted a second reward from the wardens as a bounty for killing dangerous monsters and offered a week’s worth of extravagant living in the town inn.

Sitting here in the dark on this windy night, I keep thinking back to the role that young James played in this affair. Unlike the lizardman and the Elf, he was in possession of only the most rudimentary equipment. This is not the boy’s fault, he is coming from an isolated town on the edge of civilization. That he had the wherewithal to accompany us is proof of his valor. It is not right that he languishes in mere leathers to protect himself from harm.

Tomorrow, I shall take him to the blacksmith. Together with his portion of the reward, we should have enough to finance a suit of platemail to protect him. I want to get this boy out of this dead-end town and bring him along on our travels.

The only question that remains is… where shall we go? I think we should have a discussion tomorrow to decide upon a heading. There is powerful magic hidden out there in this forsaken swamp. I intend to find it. Then those navel-gazing academy scholars will really have something to write about.



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