Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Day One

Behold Goraj. Pit fighter before, now free to wander the world picking fights.

Goraj goes with talky man Curio. He smart. Me not so mostly us do what he thinks. That okay. Fighty men everywhere but no one fight like Goraj.

We goed to town called, um, something, then go to bar cause that’s where fighty men go get drunk. There we find table with losers. None want to fight but get very snooty about Goraj words. Goraj just want to fight not talk.

Then scrunched up dwarf man stand and fight with Goraj. He good but Goraj better. Goraj like him so offer tie and buy beer but sneaky dwarf try to punch Goraj in back. Sneaky dwarf is stupid and clumsy so he miss. Then Goraj smash him. He not get up, so Goraj put him at bar in stool. Next time we fight for real. Punching fun but blood better.

Salt farmer come talk to Goraj then, but Goraj done talking and ready to drink. Salty man talk to talky man and next day we go to salt farm. Two other come with us. They see Goraj fight in bar and know best place to be is behind Goraj. One is fighter. Maybe Goraj fight him later, for fun. Other is sneaky sort but nice.

Salty man grows salt underground like mushrooms so we go down on ropes. Farm deep and dark but Goraj like dark. Others bring lights but Goraj like dark so Goraj go to other side of farm.

Lots of poop and talky man eats some and makes gold. Talky man smart. Goraj never turn poop into gold. Maybe try next time go to bush.

Found nice pool for swimming. Nothing to fight there so Goraj got bored and got out again. Then we goed down to bottom of farm. There Goraj finally find something to fight – angry trogs. They try to claw Goraj but no one fight like Goraj so they miss. Then Goraj going to thump one but talky man start talking and they fall asleep. Goraj mad but he understand because when talky man talks Goraj want to sleep too.

We tie up trogs then pull them out of farm. They scream and want to fight. Goraj want to fight too but talky man want to chop so we chop of trog heads and take them to town.

Boss of town is fighty man too, but old. Maybe we fight? No, he done fighting and Goraj not want to fight old men. Boss man like heads (of course) and let us stay in bar all week. Maybe he know more trogs that don’t want heads no more. Maybe Goraj get to fight them this time.

Plus Goraj squash a rat in salt farm but not eat it. Smelled like poop. Maybe made of gold.

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