Goraj zo Kalassar

Thrassian Gladiator


Name: Goraj zo Kalassar
Class: Thrassian Gladiator
Alignment: Brutal Neutral

STR 15 +1
DEX 14 +1
CON 11
INT 10
WIS 10

Level 1
XP 746
HP 8
AC 10
GP 18

Weapons vs AC 10
Claw 2, 1d32, Claw 2, 1d32, Bite 2, 1d82
Spear 1, 1d82
Longbow 1, 1d61

Adventuring, Trapping, Fighting Style (unarmed) +1 attack

Heavy Helm: -4 hearing checks, -1 surprise, +2 Mortal Wounds rolls
Natural armor, natural weapons
Infravision 60’
Movement 60’, Swim 120’
Hold breath 10 minutes without harm
-2 reactions, loyalty, morale of humans and demihumans
+2 reactions, loyalty, morale of lizardmen

Plate Armor, Heavy Helm
Backpack, Rope, Tinderbox, Torches (6), Rations, Water skin


Pit fighter who earned his freedom through battle. On the day he was freed he won twenty pit fight, the record for a single day. His victory was witnessed by a man named Curio who bet heavily on his success. While Goraj’s owner claims to have released him from servitude because of his wins, many who were at the pits that day claim that Curio bought his freedom with his winnings. Whatever the truth, Goraj has followed Curio ever since and almost always defers to his decisions.

Goraj zo Kalassar

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