Thief House Rules

1st level the skills are what they are (dex bonus applies to picking pockets and opening locks, as i don’t see it in core but i think it applies))

starting with second level, add up the advancement points across the skills (ins level they all get 1, so its 7 points)

working from the baseline of level 1, you can distribute those points as you wish – except that you the skill(s) that have received the highest points can never have more than 4 its than the lowest skill. no matter how i try that sentence sucks

example: before you can assign a 5th point to open locks (which is where Osric the Lock Picker is dumping his points) he has to put 1 point into Hear Noise (he’s kinda deaf for a thief)

the spread from low to high (assigned points, not the actual resulting skill number) can not be more than 4 points.

Thief House Rules

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