Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Inhuming the Dead

Hi Pop,

Well, we went back down in the hole and killed more undead.

I never did understand how that works… more puzzles for the sages and priests, I guess.

Kathryn’s coming along pretty well. She was able to fight alongside me for a while, and was smart enough to fall back when she got hurt.

Not too bad, just a cut. My sword was able to patch it up pretty well.

Yeah, didn’t I tell you about the magic sword I’ve got? It’s about as good in a fight as the other one I had, but it can do a bit of healing sometimes too. Kathryn’s got my old swor…

Pop! I gave her the magic sword I found in the goblin hold. I’m not ‘poking her with my sword’. I can’t believe you said that.

Well, yeah, she is good-looking. I can’t believe you want me to talk abou…

Look, we went back into the h… dungeon. Killed some undead. Found some loot, including a mace that’s enchanted kind of like my spear so it’s better against undead. Nobody wants to use it, which makes no sense to me. I sometimes wonder if they really are smarter than I am, it seems like it would be an obvious thing to do.

Then again, Vesper and Curio did read a couple more of those tablets we’d found, and we had to get the priests to use magic to fix Curio’s brain after.

Maybe “don’t mess with things you don’t understand” really is a good plan.




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