Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Into the Tomb of Moordath

from the diary of Curio the Mage

Through the Room of Glass Statues:
My companions entered a room of glass statues armed with spears and with glowing red eyes. I waited in the back while they dispatched them all. We found 5 red gemstones, but I couldn’t tell what kind they were. After destroying the statues, the Elf found a secret door on the back wall. The farm boy tried to force the secret door open and he was so strong that it fell inward into the room instead of slide to the side. Inside the room, we found a coffin with a gold inlaid pattern. They tried to open it, but it was locked. So the crowbars came out and they forced it open with iron spikes.

Inside was powerful and noxious undead. It caused all of them except the cleric to throw up violently. I quickly blasted it with two magic missiles while the cleric pounded away at it with his mace. It wounded him, but we took it down. In the coffin, we found a magical dagger +1 and a spear, which I couldn’t identify. On the undead, we found a ring, which I also could not identify. They let me carry the dagger, since it would be the best I could carry.

After healing up wounds, we went down the stairs deeper into the tomb. There was an open room with a pool of water that had frozen over. The temperature dropped. There was a rickety bridge across the ice. Ice elementals appeared on the surface of the ice, but they didn’t do anything. So I threw some flaming oil on the elementals to incite them. One charged us and we pounded him to shards. The others retreated back in the face of the flaming oil. After throwing a bit more fuel on the fire, we crossed the rickety bridge successfully and continued on.

The tomb turned cavelike at this point. Then we ran across some spiders that appeared to be made of stone. My companions smashed them to bits, but they took quite a few hits and I had to drop a magic missile on one of them to win the day. However, we were exhausted so we returned to town and prepared for another day of adventure tomorrow.

Lights out



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