Adventurer Conqueror King or Die!

Kathryn Goes Delving

Hi Pop,

It looks like I’ve got a follower of my own now!

A ragtag group of misfit… I mean a budding crop of bright-eyed adventurers approached us and asked if they could explore with us. They were from out of town, and it was evident that at least some of them were more at home on a farm than I was.

Really. I saw one who decided to stay in town leading a cow.

A girl named Kathryn decided she liked the look of me, or at least the big wall of steel I carry, and asked if she could work for me and learn more about adventuring. Seems the first time out their group was a lot bigger.

I hope she doesn’t get killed or something. Our little goblin buddy was slightly crippled the last time we went down into the dungeon under Blackmarsh. I think he’s planning to open a shop or something in town.

This time was better. We went down the hole, explored around, broke down a bricked-up doorway. Vesper rolled his cats eye down the hall and it disppeared, reappearing in a room with a dead guy. We went after it, the dead guy wasn’t, quite, but was when we left. He had some nice armor and a magic sword… I might like that, but I’ll see if anyone else wants it more.

We didn’t know where we were, so we stopped looking for treasure, mostly, and looked for a way out. We found this covered mirror that sucked Vesper into it and he had to fight a zombie version of himself. It was winning, so I jumped in and helped.

Then we found our way out, a stairway into another building in Blackmarsh. The others wanted to buy it, but we didn’t because the church wanted too much.




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